Where to Find the VIN?


Under the Windshield

Located at the base of the windshield on the driver's side.

Driver's Door Pillar

On the threshold or pillar of the driver's door.

Front of the Engine Block

Directly on the engine at the front of the engine block.

Engine Shield Bulkhead

Located on the bulkhead of the engine shield.

Heat-Insulating Partition

Next to or on a heat-insulating partition.

Radiator Support Bracket

On the bracket supporting the radiator.

What you can know from VIN decoder tool

A VIN decoder tool can reveal the following vehicle-related information:

  • What’s under the hood: engine type and size.
  • How it shifts: transmission specifics.
  • The style files: from trim to body style, even how many doors.
  • Its roots: where it was made.
  • Safety first: all about its safety features.
  • The nitty-gritty: manufacturing details like the exact date and place it rolled off the line.
  • Looks matter: colors and trims, both inside and out.
  • Going green: fuel efficiency and emissions.
  • Heads up: recalls and service bulletins.
  • Backstory: warranty, registration, and title history.

Verify Your Vehicle’s Details with Your VIN

Curious about your car’s backstory or what it’s packing? Simply enter its VIN and get a detailed report that’s as rich as checking out your own ancestry. This tool doesn’t just give you facts; it fills in the blanks of your car’s life story.